About Us


To become a collection of stories that shapes the future story of Atlanta.

What if the stories in our neighborhoods didn't just live alongside each other, but collided to shape the future story of Atlanta? What if instead of critiquing one another’s stories, we helped write one another’s stories? What if we didn't try to embellish and edit our stories to impress our neighbors, but we were free to live our authentic and real stories in friendship with each other? We desire to create community focused on designing the stories of our lives to enact social change, foster deep relationships, and develop lasting character.


We exist to Love God, Love Each Other, and Live On Mission through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We invite you to take steps in an intimate and growing relationship with God, connect you in healthy, loving relationships with authentic community, and equip you to serve faithfully in the ministries of the church and to influence others to advance the mission of God in all places.


God loves people and made people to be reflections of His glory. If we’re being honest, life can sometimes feel pointless, challenging, and frightening. The good news is that our circumstances don't define who we are. Who we are is defined by a perfect God whose love for us can transform our hearts from hopeless to hopeful and anxious to peaceful in the midst of anything that comes our way.

We are a people who embrace the challenges of life because we trust the Prince of Peace to take all our brokenness and make it beautiful.

We are a growing movement of Eastside neighbors seeking the good of our neighbors and our world.

We believe we can make a difference.

We are Parkside.