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To become a collection of stories that shapes the future story of Atlanta and beyond.



We exist to glorify God by making disciples who grow and multiply in Atlanta and beyond.



The Word of God

We believe there is nothing that has more transforming power than the Word of God. Therefore, we seek to build a culture that prioritizes the Bible through Bible teaching, Bible speaking, and Bible living.

The Family of God

We believe the church is not an event, it’s a family. Therefore, we seek to love and pursue one another as family, the way God loved and pursued us. Since the family of God is multi-ethnic we pursue diversity and reconciliation with humility and grace.

The Mission of God

We believe that the last command of Jesus is to be the first priority of the church. Therefore, we labor to develop and multiply disciples of Jesus to live sent as missionaries in Atlanta and around the world, loving our communities and starting new churches.